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Short Cover Letter Sample

Did you know, on average, each job posting receives over 250 applications, according to stats? Most recruiters prefer a concise cover letter to an extended essay. Today’s job market is competitive. Writing a solid cover letter can make a huge difference!

Getting straight to the point is essential, as hiring managers usually shift through applications. You can quickly showcase your passion for a job in the application. Focus on qualifications for the position with a short cover letter. Your cover letter should be one page long at maximum. It should focus on the essential skills and experience required for the job.

If you keep your cover letter concise, the hiring manager will review your document. That allows you to highlight why you’re an excellent fit for their team with the most relevant parts of your background. Writing your cover letter is not a time-consuming task.

Nowadays, you can easily impress your potential future employer efficiently and quickly. Are you wondering how to write a short cover letter? Let’s get started with the perfect short cover letter sample below. We also have a short cover letter sample with no experience for people who are beginners.


How To Write Short Cover Letters?

Professional Formatting Matters:

The appearance of the cover letter does matter! Choose a font that is suited for business purposes and is easily readable, such as Times New Roman or Arial. Ensure that the formatting of your cover letter is consistent. There should be good spacing between the paragraphs and the margins. Do not write in fancy fonts that make text hard to comprehend, and avoid congesting text.

Ensure your contact information is easy to find at the top of your cover letter. Include your full name, phone number, and email address. A professional and well-organized cover letter makes a great first impression and shows you pay attention to details.


Tailor Your Cover Letter for Each Application:

It’s also important to note that a good template is more beneficial because a standard cover letter will not set you apart. The best suggestions are to compose a new cover letter for each submission and address the job and the company accordingly. Ensure you read the job description and understand the skills and experiences the employer seeks. Consider your experiences and skills, and decide which ones suit the position described in the cover letter.

It’s essential to learn about the company’s mission and values. Read about their accomplishments. You can mention something specific that shows your interest in the company. The focus should be on how your skills can help them. This extra effort increases your chances of getting an interview.


Capture Attention with a Strong Introduction:

The first line can decide your fate. It’s an initial step in creating the tone of the beginner short cover letter sample. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and state why you are writing to the hiring manager. To achieve this, begin by stating the job title for which you are applying.

Make the introduction as specific as possible by mentioning where you first came across the job opening. After the job title, show your enthusiasm about the opportunity. It will make a hiring manager feel like you are interested in working for the company and will compel him to read until the end of the letter. You can achieve this by writing good action verbs and positive adjectives.


Highlight Relevant Skills and Experience:

Following an engaging opening, the next move is to persuade the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job. Emphasize the fact you have certain qualities and skills that the employer is looking for according to the job description. Read through the job listing and select 2-3 of your skills and experiences. Always choose the ones you think are the best fit for the position.

Emphasize these skills in a way that involves active verbs. Do not just outline your strengths; detail what you have done with them in your past positions. Whenever possible, make your accomplishments measurable to ensure that there is no room for doubt about your productivity. Emphasis on achievements and how your skills and experience helped your previous employers.


Show Enthusiasm for the Company:

You should always focus on showing your skills and experience, which is crucial. But that is not the only thing that makes you unique! Spend a few seconds proving that you care about this particular company. Research the company beforehand. Check their website and social network profiles, and search the Internet for the latest articles about them.

It will assist you in finding out something unique about the company’s mission, values, or latest achievements that interest you. Referencing something concrete shows that you have done your homework and are genuinely interested in being on their team. This reveals that you are not just interested in any random job post, but you embrace the company’s set culture and values.


Keep Your Cover Letter To The Point:

Your cover letter should always be precise. You should avoid adding lengthy paragraphs and unnecessary details. It can make your cover letter seem unprofessional. The reason is that hiring managers always appreciate concise information. Focus on providing the most relevant details to show you are the right candidate.

Keep your writing simple and concise. Avoid using significant words, and make your sentences shorter and simpler. Thus, when the hiring manager reads it, they will instantly understand what you are trying to convey.

Do not write complicated sentences which make it difficult for the reader to comprehend your work. Before you submit your cover letter, read through it and try to find any mistakes you might have made. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar bring out the worst in you and doubt your abilities. It may be helpful to read the letter out loud to yourself. This will assist you in locating sentences that are poorly worded, or that just do not read as smoothly as they should.


Proofread Carefully:

First, a properly written cover letter means a proper first impression. Once you are done writing, spend some time proofreading. Make sure there are no spelling errors, wrongly placed words or clumsy sentences. Typos and grammatical mistakes may give an employer a negative impression and question your competence.

Say your letter out loud to yourself. This assists you in identifying any unnatural phrasing or semantically ill-formed content. A single misstep can lead to the hiring manager questioning your meticulousness and ability to do the job right. Ensure the cover letter is professional and properly structured with correct grammar and spelling. This will demonstrate to the hiring manager that one can write professionally.

This is the last chance to provide a closing statement to your cover letter. Thank you for considering me for the position and for spending the time to interview me. Inform the company that you are interested in the position and ask for an interview. They also allow you to choose the method of communication, either through phone or e-mail.


Here’s an example:

Thank you for your time. I want to be a part of [Company name] and contribute to its success. I am more than willing to come in for an interview at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to call me at [Phone number] or email me at [Email address].

Top 5 Short Cover Letter Samples:


1. Professional Short Cover Letter Sample – Mid-level Office Job

[Dear Hiring Manager],

I am submitting my application for the Office Manager job at [Company Name] for your consideration. Your company’s policies and goals of ‘progress through technology’ akin to my personal goals and I am confident I will thrive at your organisation.

While working as the Office Manager at [prior company name], I managed to reduce the costs of buying office supplies to about half. I achieved this through searching for better ways to carry out the process and get better conditions from the suppliers. I also changed the process, which saved 20 hours for the HR team per month due to the outsourcing of payroll responsibilities.

As for the expectations, I believe that accomplishments in cost reductions and the adoption of efficient processes will correspond with the size of the team. I also have to get more information about this post and how I can help this business venture.

Are you not available to schedule a call so we can touch on the details of my credentials? Also, I would like to add that I am ready to give the interview anytime you deem it appropriate. I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to go through the work that I have done.


[Your Name]


2. Cover letter for the job position of a Graphic Designer:

Dear [Hiring Manager name],

I am delighted about the Graphic Designer position advertised on [Source through which you come across the job advert]. Hey [Recipient’s first name], I chanced upon your work from [Company name], and I believe that your latest work on [Mention a specific project of the company that interests you visually] looks great!

In my last organization, my area of interest was graphic visuals for marketing printing and social media advertisements. I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I understand what is in design, and I know how to talk about ideas and transform them into interesting and useful graphics.

I am punctual and like to pay close attention to details. My strength is great design. My weakness is punctuality. I believe that there must be some skills that are unique to me and will benefit the company. Madam/Sir, I hope you kindly allow me this opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to fill the above-mentioned vacant job.


[Your Name]



3. Very Short Cover Letter Sample – Customer Service Representative: 

Dear [Hiring Manager name],

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Customer Service Representative position advertised on [Platform where you saw the job posting]. I enjoy helping people and have excellent communication skills. In my previous role at [Previous company name], I listened to customer questions and concerns by phone and email. I am good at problem-solving and ensuring that customers are satisfied.

I am a great team worker with good attention to detail. As for my positive qualities, I would like to think that I am hardworking. I absorb information easily and do not doubt my ability to adapt and contribute to your team.

I appreciate your consideration and the opportunity to be considered for this role. I am interested in learning more about this opportunity and how my skills can benefit [Company name] and its valued customers. Please find me available for an interview at your earliest convenience. You may call me at [Phone number] or send an email to [Email address].


[Your Name]



4. Cover Letter Sample – Software Engineer:

Dear [Hiring Manager name],

I am writing to show my interest in the Software Engineer position advertised on [Platform where you saw the job posting]. I have a strong background in computer science and experience using programming languages like [List relevant programming languages]. In my past job at [Previous company name], I built and maintained software programs. I am good at solving complex problems and writing code that works well.

I learn quickly and work well with others. I have a strong interest in technology. I am sure I can help your team by using my skills and knowledge to create high-quality software.

Thank you for your time and for thinking about my application. I would love to learn more about this opportunity and how my skills can help [Company name]. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience. Please get in touch with me at [Phone number] or [Email address].


[Your Name]


5. Cover Letter Sample – Content Writer

Dear [Hiring Manager name],

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express my interest in the recently advertised Content Writer position on [Where you saw the job post]. I enjoy writing technical and communicative language and always deliver on time.

While working at [Previous company name], I created the website, blog, and social media content. I know how to write in a certain style that will fit a specific audience.

I am creative and organized, with a good mastery of the English language, both in writing and grammar. I can generate useful information that will assist [Company name] convey its messages.

I appreciate the consideration given to my application. I look forward to explaining to you how my writing skills will help your company. I am available for an interview whenever you want.


[Your Name]

Tips For The Best Short Cover Letter


Proofread Carefully for Professionalism:

Nothing is more unprofessional than having spelling or grammatical errors in a cover letter. Employers get several applications, and having accurate spelled, neatly formatted, and, most importantly, non-mechanically typed cover letter shows professionalism and organizational skills that every employer appreciates. Perhaps one should edit the document before submitting it to your supervisor.


Employ spell-check software. However, it should not be the last check. It may be beneficial to have someone who knows you well review your cover letter for items you might have overlooked. Revisit the content to reduce chances of typing errors, poor grammar, and confusion in the language used. One must have a professional form of a cover letter to show that you are serious with your work and appearance of it.


Target the Application Tracking System (ATS):


Many companies use computer programs called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to check resumes and cover letters. These programs look for keywords from the job posting to find qualified candidates. To improve your cover letter for the ATS, read the job posting carefully and find the skills, experience, and qualities they want.


Use these keywords where possible throughout your cover letter, but mostly in the first paragraph when you are in the process of engaging the reader and informing him/her of relevant skills and experience. By wisely incorporating these keywords, you boost the odds of the ATS identifying you and get picked from the pile to be reviewed by a human eye.


Quantify Your Achievements with Numbers: 


Just listing the responsibilities in a cover letter do not demonstrate the contribution made. Employers need individuals who demonstrate how they are going to contribute positively to the team being formed. Rather than to provide general statements about one’s accomplishments, always quantify your performance and outcomes to demonstrate tangible value.


Were you able to generate the desired 20% web traffic with a marketing plan?Or perhaps you made it faster, thus cutting the company’s expenses by ten percent. Quantifying your achievements with numbers depicts a real picture of how efficient you are and that you are an achiever.


Show Passion and Enthusiasm Beyond Qualifications:


It would be good to list all your qualifications to the employer. Still, a good cover letter drives more and shows your interest in the position and the organization. Quickly say something special about the company or the job that interests you. Perhaps you like their new products or new technologies.


Maybe their mission statement is highly relevant to your own beliefs and objectives. Expressing your love for the job proves to the employer that you are determined to work for their company and not just any other company. It indicates that you have done your homework and envision fitting well into this position and organization.


Use a Simple Format for Easy Reading on Mobile Devices:


Today many people search for jobs on handheld devices such as phones and tablets, so the cover letter must be comprehensible on a small screen. Select an easy to read font such as the MS Arial or Times New Roman and stick to basic font sizes of 11 or 12. Employing bullet-point lists or bold types to emphasize specific points or achievements is helpful.


Equal margins should also be maintained throughout the document to enhance its aesthetic appearance and organization. Do not use large slabs of text that could be difficult to read on a handheld device. Regardless of how the hiring manager views the cover letter, you are confident that your message will be well received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a cover letter for every job application, even if it’s not requested?

Cover letters are usually not required, but they are advised. This is particularly important for professionals in competitive industries, as a well-written short cover letter can help you stand out. It allows you to elaborate and make more details about yourself, your desire for the position, and your resume.


How can I research a company for a short cover letter without getting overwhelmed?

Concentrate on specific areas only. Go to the official company’s website to learn more about its mission, vision, main offerings, and the latest updates and accomplishments. Another way is to look at their social media profiles to understand their company culture.

What creative ways can grab the hiring manager’s attention in the introduction?

While a formal approach is always suitable, consider a creative hook if it aligns with the company culture. Perhaps mention a recent industry trend or news article relevant to the position. Briefly connect it to your skills and demonstrate your awareness of the current landscape.

If I change careers, how can I significantly showcase my transferable skills in a short cover letter?

Emphasise core competencies that apply to most businesses. For instance, communication skills, critical thinking, and project management competencies are relevant across most industries. Provide examples of how you have applied these skills in other positions you have held, even if the positions were different.

Is it okay to mention salary expectations in a short cover letter?

Generally, it is advisable to refrain from mentioning salary expectations in a short cover letter. It is always advisable to start with your qualifications and value proposition statement. The salary negotiations should happen during the later stages of the interview process once both parties show interest.

Should I submit my short cover letter in a specific format?

Ensure that the cover letter’s appearance is professional. For the body of your work, select an easily readable font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Space the headings uniformly and provide your details in the header. Following basic writing conventions presents an aesthetically pleasing appearance and demonstrates care.



A strong cover letter can be your key to landing an interview. Keep it short and to the point, around 300 words. Highlight your skills and experience that match the job. Show your passion for the company and the position. Proofread carefully for any mistakes. Use a simple format for easy reading on phones. Following these tips will help you write a compelling cover letter that gets noticed. Find your best short cover letter sample above for guidance.