Resume for data engineer

Want to build career as data analyst? Here is a comprehensive guide to create a professional resume that can help you get the dream job.

How To Write a Resume for data engineer – A Complete Guide

When applying for a job, the resume is regarded as the most crucial component. The experience, talents, and personality attributes are summarized in a résumé. An excellent resume portrays the data engineer as a capable professional who develops and manages data solutions, analyzes large datasets, and can handle the pressures of working in a fast-paced setting. In most cases, a data engineer’s resume should be formatted in reverse chronological order. 

Data Engineer job description

A job description primarily comprises a company’s selection criteria and the characteristics that the organization seeks in possible candidates. Every organization publishes the job descriptions for the positions for which they are hiring. It describes in full the work responsibilities, skills, experience necessary, job schedule, and business incentives. It also includes the company’s location as well as its mission and aims. The responsibilities of a data engineer in job details could include:-

  • Experience with real data in any domain.
  • Innovative and robust analytical and algorithmic problem solvers.
  • Experience with statistical analysis tools (e.g. R, SAS).
  • Familiar with BI tools like Tableau.
  • Familiar with basic SQL queries.
  • Hands-on experience with advanced Excel and VBA.


The qualifications of a data engineer in job details could include:-

  • BCA, 
  • MCA,
  • Diploma in computer

Highly motivated with excellent verbal and written communication, presentation, facilitation, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.Self-starter with strong organizational and time management skills, self-directed. The job types can be Full-time, Regular / Permanent, or Internship. The schedule could be Day or Night shift, etc.

Structure of Resume for Data Engineer


The header of the resume should contain the applicant’s personal information like name, job title, location, phone number, and professional email address. Make sure to format the resume template with nice fonts, a large margin, and enough white space before you start writing your resume for data engineer positions.


John Doe

Data engineer in Atlanta, GA OR Data Engineer | Atlanta, GA

(123) 456-789 |


Data Engineer Resume Summary:

It includes a compelling argument for why you should be hired. E.g. Data Engineer with proven skills in  developing and managing data solutions, data mining, analysis, and reporting. Highly proficient in Excel, and various analytics tools. Experienced in developing data-driven solutions to improve business operations and decision-making.


Data Engineer Skills to Mention in Resume:

It includes a carefully prepared collection of the most useful data engineer abilities. Give 5 or 6 keywords or pointers highlighting your duties and responsibilities in a way that’s tailored to the job to which you’re applying. Give 1 or 2 quantifiable skills to inform the hiring manager you are just as talented as your resume makes you appear. You can add the skills from the skill set given below:

Skill Set:
Skill set for a data engineer can be very vast , ranging from programming languages to using sophisticated and specialized softwares. A few of skills are mentioned below:-  

  1. Data Extraction
  2. System Design Elements
  3. Data Mining
  4. Database Design
  5. Workflow Regulation
  6. Functional Validation
  7. Data Visualization
  8. Project Costing
  9. Data manipulation
  10. Data analysis


It includes specific bullet points of previous work responsibilities. Start each bullet point with resume action verbs to make every statement sound good. Use bullet points, keywords, and numbered successes to document your job history. Provide additional information about your schooling when you have less work experience. Relate your previous work experiences to the job you are going to apply for. For example, if you have worked as a data administrator you can relate your work experience of that job to your data engineer post application.



It offers a short rundown of the schools you attended, like Your University, College, or School, your Highest Degree of Education (Bachelor’s, high school diploma, GED, etc.), your Date of Graduation, the Location of and the area of study, etc.


Data Engineer Resume Keywords:

  It is important to add some data engineer keywords in your resume to save your application from the ATS software because most companies nowadays use application tracking software and resume parsing tools to save time on resume shortlisting. Also, do not forget to use the keywords from the job description of the company you are applying to because their ATS will be encoded according to their job description only. 


Data engineer resume Examples:

Resume templates are the first place to go for insightful guidance. Resume templates can be beneficial. If you’re applying for the same job at multiple businesses, a template can save you time because you won’t have to create an entirely new resume for each one. Sure, each company’s demands will change slightly, but you can quickly modify resume parts to match the job description with the help of resume templates.

Our website MYRESUMESTAR also offers fantastic resume templates to assist you in obtaining your desired employment, along with fantastic interview, resume, or cover letter writing guidance. You can select the templates and designs of your choice on our site and create an amazing resume. Certain components of a resume are required by employers. If you skip any of them, you risk having yours thrown out. Templates from Myresumestar work great here because they are explicitly developed with your desired position and design in mind. They can remind you which areas you need to include so that you provide the recruiters with all of the information they require. Below are some examples of data engineer resumes.Templates

Azure Data Engineer Resume

As a data professional, it can be difficult to interpret vast amounts of information. Azure data engineers use Azure software to structure unorganized data, making it more useful. Achieving Azure data engineering certification involves a 3-level process, with all necessary tests available on Microsoft’s website. However, strong analytical skills and a comprehensive understanding of Azure data engineering are essential beyond certification. Possessing these skills makes an individual a valuable asset to any company seeking actionable insights from data. Azure Data Engineer is a high demanding skill.


AWS Data Engineer Resume

To succeed as a data engineer on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of AWS and data engineering principles. The main responsibilities of a data engineer in this field include creating, maintaining, and upgrading the AWS infrastructure to run various applications. It’s important to note that the duties of a data engineer on the AWS cloud platform are essentially the same as those of a regular data engineer.

Entry-level Data Engineer Resume:

If you have just completed your college degree or Masters, and are seeking a job in the data engineering field this resume format is for you. For a newly graduated, the biggest problem is to impress the recruiter. Freshers have no experience with projects and thus have less to show in their resumes. You can include the projects that you worked on during your Graduation in your experience section. And should have a thorough knowledge of your work. Below are some good examples of entry-level data engineers’ resume:

Senior data engineer resume:

Once You have reached senior level you are expected to have a vast knowledge of the field. Also, Possibility might be that you have worked on a lot of projects, and have acquired a lot of skills. Including all the skills in your resume can make your resume longer. Instead include the skills and projects that are relevant for the company you are applying for. Show them that you have expertise in those and it will surely increase your chances of getting the job.