Waitress Resume Format

Waitress resume example

A waitress’s history, skills, and personality attributes must be included in the CV. A compelling resume portrays the waitress as a qualified professional who can handle the rigorous of working in a hectic setting. Frequently, a waitress’s resume should be arranged in reverse chronological order

You should list the following on your resume if you’re applying to work as a waitress:

Header: The applicant’s contact information, including name, job title, location, phone number, and professional email address, should appear in the header of every resume. For example, 

Stuart Adwerd

578999 San Francisco, CA, 34234 | adwerdstuart@gmail.com

Summary: It makes a strong case for why you ought to be hired. For instance, a dedicated and organized, results-driven professional, credited with combining complex assignments and improving processes to increase proficiency and productivity. Strong expertise in grasping new concepts quickly to allow for effective delegation and improved profit and cost savings Highly experienced and accomplished in building mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders of all levels.

Experience: It includes specific bullet points of previous work responsibilities. As an example,

  • Wrote food orders on order slips, memorized orders, and entered orders into computers For kitchen staff.
  • Checked in with customers to ensure they were enjoying their meals, taking action to rectify any problems.
  • Served food and beverages to patrons, preparing and serving specialty dishes tableside.
  • As required Presented menus to patrons, answering questions about menu items and making recommendations upon request.
  •  Explained menu item preparations, describing ingredients and cooking methods as needed.
  • Prepared tables for meals, setting up items such as linens, silverware, and glassware.
  • Multitasked effectively, catering to multiple tables while assisting co-workers as well.
  • Maintained the highest levels of service and executed solid communication skills with guests and co-workers to ensure a great guest experience.
  • Delegated responsibilities to servers and worked with the kitchen staff to deliver courses in a timely manner.

Education: It provides a brief overview of the educational institutions you attended, including your university, college, or school, your highest level of education (Bachelor’s, high school diploma, GED, etc.), your graduation date, the school’s location, and the subject you studied. For example,

DAV,  BA  Delhi | Jan 2017 

UCSF college,  BHM  California | Jan 2018

Skills: It contains a thoughtfully compiled list of the most practical waitress skills. Give 5 or 6 bullet points outlining your responsibilities and obligations in a way that is specific to the position you’re applying for. Give the hiring manager one or two quantifiable accomplishments to show that you are as talented as your résumé suggests. For instance:

  • Buffet Management.
  • Food Safety. 
  • Cash Handling.
  • Customer Service.
  • Quality Control Suggestive.
  • Selling  Reservations.
  • Restaurant Security.
  • Complaint Escalation.
  • Food Quality Maintenance.
  • Complaint Resolution.
  • Payments Processing.  
  • Order Follow-up.
  • Order Taking  Upselling.

As a result, the items listed above should be kept in mind when preparing a resume for a  waitress employment. Click here to learn more about resumes or resume templates.