Teacher resume Example

Teacher Resume Example

In the field of education, instructors play a crucial role. They assist in running extracurricular activities, classroom instruction, and administrative duties at their schools. When a teacher is searching for a new position, they must exhibit both hard and soft talents, such as classroom management. In your resume, you can say more than simply the obvious things. You may create a résumé that grabs school administrators’ attention without seeming cookie-cutter with the appropriate approach.

Teacher Resume Example:-

teacher resume example

The following are some suggestions for writing a teaching resume:

Header/ Contact information: When submitting a resume, be sure to include your name, phone number, and address.

Introduction: This brief introduction (resume profile) is meant to pique their interest.

Work history/ Experience: Your teaching experience is described in great depth here.

Education: Your academic accomplishments are listed in this section.

Skills: You can provide a succinct rundown of your teaching expertise in this section.

Extra sections: Include additional languages, honours, etc. to round out a teacher’s resume.

Here is an illustration of a resume format for teacher:

Contact information:


State-Certified Elementary Teacher





With more than 4 years of experience managing medium- and large-sized classrooms, this elementary school teacher is compassionate and results-driven. In classes with 30 or more students, the pass percentage of pupils rose by 32% in the 2018–19 academic year. Looking to use strong lesson planning and a compassionate demeanour to land the position of 4th grade teacher at Model School.


Elementary School Teacher (3rd Grade)

Sonic elementary School, dehradun, AZ

September 2016–October 2021

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Developed and upheld a warm, sociable, stimulating, and supportive classroom atmosphere where all students felt at ease.
  • Developed guidelines for the classroom and field trips, and fairly and successfully applied them.
  • Prepared students for quizzes and assessments by developing challenging lesson plans and lectures.
  • Reported information to parents and the school board as needed after grading papers, lessons, tests, quizzes, and other tasks.

Key Achievements

  • Reduction of 32% in the student failure rate in classes with more than 30 students during the 2018–19 academic year.
  • Teacher of the Year 2020
  • Kindergarten Teacher


  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • University of Delhi, India
  • Completion: 2014


Classroom Management

Lesson & Curriculum Planning

Effective Communication

Leadership Skills

Compassion & Empathy

Here are some additional suggestions for improving your resume:

Fonts: pick the best resume fonts like Times New Roman, Arial etc.

To know about resume fonts click here…

Font size: Regular text should be 11–12 points, while section headers should be 2-4 points larger.

Subheadings: With easy-to-read titles, identify each subsection.

Margins: Use a 1-inch border around your resume.

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Line spacing: the teacher resume material should be single-line spaced.

To choose the ideal keywords to include on a resume, thoroughly review the teaching job post. Make a basic list of your teaching and classroom prowess. 

In your teacher skills part of your resume, identify the teaching abilities that best meet the job requirements listed in the school employment ad. Include a couple of your general list of skills if your resume doesn’t already mention five to ten teaching-related skills. On your teacher resume, highlight both hard and soft skills. 

Include the most pertinent skills in your job descriptions. Show that you are a team player, not just claim to be one. Therefore, these are the guidelines you should stick to when preparing your resume for a teacher, and then you’re ready to apply for your dream job.