Tell me about your self.

How to Answer: Tell me about yourself.

The answer to this question is straightforward. Just tell the interviewer about your name, your education,  the place you are coming from, and your experience if you have any, in any kind of company or any training. You can add the details of your certificates and your CGPA if you do not have any experience. You can include your hobbies and interests too.

Tell me about yourself sample answers

An example of introducing yourself in an interview can be:

Sir, I am Laura. I belong to Cambridge in the UK. I did my graduation in English literature from Cambridge University. I then went on to pursue my Master’s in English literature itself, at Oxford University. I passed my post-graduation exam last month and got a gold medal in my field. I have also cleared the UGC NET exam of JUNE 2023 and have experience of being a research assistant for 2 months.


An answer to “Tell me about yourself” in school can be:

When responding to “Tell me about yourself” in a school or academic context, you might want to focus on your academic background, interests, and goals. Here are some examples:

Sir, I am Lindy. I am a student of class 10. My favorite subject is English Literature. And I like to read Poetry a lot and Shakespeare is my favorite poet. I love his sonnets very much and in the future, I want to become a poet. My hobbies are poetry writing and playing chess.


For a College/University Interview:

I’m currently a [Your Major] major at [Your College/University]. Throughout my academic journey, I’ve been fascinated by [Key Academic Interests], and I’ve actively pursued opportunities to deepen my understanding, such as [Any relevant projects or experiences]. I’m particularly excited about [Specific Aspects of Your Major] and hope to [Your Academic or Career Goals].


For a High School Interview:

I’m a high school student with a strong passion for [Your Favorite Subjects]. I’ve consistently performed well academically, and my involvement in [Extracurricular Activities] has allowed me to develop leadership and teamwork skills. I’m looking forward to exploring [Future Academic Plans] and continuing to pursue my interests in [Any Hobbies or Interests].


For a Scholarship Interview:

As a dedicated student, I’ve maintained a strong academic record in [Your Academic Achievements]. My commitment to [Any Extracurricular or Volunteer Activities] reflects my belief in giving back to the community. Receiving this scholarship would enable me to further my studies in [Your Field of Interest], where I hope to [Your Future Goals].


For a Student Council Interview:

I’m an enthusiastic student who is deeply invested in enhancing the student experience at [Your School]. Through my involvement in [Clubs, Activities, or Community Service], I’ve developed strong communication and organizational skills. I’m eager to contribute to the student council by [Your Ideas or Goals for the Council].


For a New School Orientation:

As a new student here at [School Name], I’m excited to immerse myself in the vibrant academic and social community. I come from a background of [Your Previous School or Educational Experience], where I was involved in [Any Relevant Clubs or Activities]. I’m looking forward to making new connections and contributing to the positive atmosphere here at [School Name].

Remember to tailor your response based on the specific context and the goals you have in the academic setting. Highlighting your academic achievements, interests, and aspirations is generally a good approach.

Tell me about yourself for freshers – examples

For freshers, it’s important to focus on your academic background, any relevant skills or projects, and your eagerness to learn and contribute. Here are some examples:


Sir, I am David. I passed my senior secondary exam last month and I scored a 9.8 CGPA. I want to work in Infosys because it is a renowned faculty. I have been the gold medalist of my school and I will use my skills to help this organization grow as well. 


Sir, I am Laura and I am from Cambridge in the UK. I did my 12th in Humanities, from MBD International School. English Literature interests me and poetry is my favorite area of study. I want to be a content writer at Careerstar as it will hone my skills further and will help me develop my other writing skills too.


Sir, I am Lindy. I am from Cambridge. I did my graduation in English Literature from Hindu College at Delhi University. I then went to Indira Gandhi University to pursue my Master’s in English Literature. Indian literature and realism interest me. I have written various essays on Indian classical literature which have been published with the help of my college’s administration.


Sir, I am Harshit. I am from Delhi. I did my 12th in Medicine from MBD International School. I cleared NEET and got admission to AIIMS, Delhi. I have recently graduated with a CGPA of 8.9. I like Yoga and Chess. I have been the champion of Inter School Chess Champion too.


Some Examples for specific job positions for freshers are given below.

Engineering Graduate:

I recently graduated with a degree in [Your Major] from [Your University]. During my time in university, I developed a strong foundation in [Key Skills or Technologies]. I completed a notable project on [Brief Project Description], where I applied my knowledge to [Achievements]. I am eager to bring my enthusiasm and technical skills to a dynamic team and continue learning and growing in a professional setting.


Business Administration Graduate:

I hold a degree in Business Administration from [Your College]. My coursework provided me with a solid understanding of business principles, and I completed internships where I gained practical experience in [Relevant Business Functions]. I am excited to leverage my education and apply my skills to contribute to the success of a forward-thinking company.


Computer Science Fresh Graduate:

I am a recent graduate in Computer Science from [Your University]. My academic background includes coursework in [Programming Languages, Algorithms, etc.], and I completed a final-year project focused on [Brief Project Description]. I am passionate about software development and am eager to start my career in a challenging and collaborative environment where I can contribute my skills and learn from experienced professionals.


Marketing Enthusiast:

I recently completed my degree in Marketing at [Your College]. Through my coursework, I developed a keen understanding of consumer behavior and marketing strategies. I also undertook a marketing internship where I had the opportunity to [Describe Your Responsibilities or Achievements]. I am excited about the prospect of applying my knowledge and creativity to real-world marketing challenges.


Health Sciences Graduate:

I hold a degree in Health Sciences from [Your University]. My academic background has equipped me with a strong understanding of health and wellness, and I completed a research project on [Brief Research Topic]. I am eager to contribute to the healthcare field and am particularly interested in [Specific Area or Aspect of Health Sciences].


Remember to personalize your response based on your specific experiences, skills, and the requirements of the job you’re applying for. Focus on what makes you a unique and valuable candidate for the position.

Tell me about yourself and sample answers for experienced – examples

Just tell the interviewer about yourself if he asks “Tell me about yourself”. You can tell him about your hobbies, the things that interest you. A good format will be to include your NAME- PLACE- EDUCATION- DEGREE- CGPA- AWARDS- EXPERIENCE- HOBBIES- INTERESTS. ETC. Some good examples of it are given below:


Sir, I am Jasmine. I belong to Cambridge. I did my schooling at MBD International School. Then I went on to pursue my B.A. in English Literature from Cambridge University. I did my Master’s in English Literature from Indira Gandhi University and scored a 9.9 CGPA. I was awarded the best student award in my Masters. I have worked for 2 years as an assistant researcher. My hobbies are Yoga and poetry writing.


Sir, I am Olivia from Oxford. I have an experience of 7 years in content writing. I have written more than 5000+ essays and articles online. I have written several stories and have worked as a content manager. I have published more than 40 essays. I want to utilize my writing, communication, and interpersonal skills at Careerstar.

Tell Me About Yourself Job Centric – Examples​

Some job-centric answers to help you answer “Tell me about yourself” in an interview are given below.


Sir, I am Emma Watson. I earned my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the London School of Business Management. I did my MBA from DAV, Oxford with a 9.8 CGPA. I have done a 2 months training in marketing and sales. Yoga and writing are my interests.



Sir, I am Isabella. I did my Bachelor’s in Communications from USCL University. I then went on to pursue an MBA from UCR. I have worked as a senior Marketing Manager at Tata Corporation for 2 Years. In these 2 years, I dealt with more than 400  clients and increased sales by 23%. My interests are reading and chess.

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Sir, I am Charlotte, and I have an experience of 6 years in the data science field. I am an expert in finding data solutions. I have great expertise in shaping data, MS Office, and Adobe tools. I want to join the Adani group as it has a renowned reputation and I want to leverage my skills here to make it grow more.

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Sir, I am Ava Smith. I belong to Cambridge. I have been a Data Analyst for the past 5 years. I am skilled in data analysis, looking for data, and finding data analysis. My hobbies are Reading and Marketing. I want to work with David Group to improve my skills and help it grow.

Tell me about yourself that is not on your resume

When such a question is asked then you can try to introduce yourself creatively. Make sure to not include anything from your resume as it might question your IQ. Include outworn and unconventional formal sentences. As an example,

Sir, I was brought up in Dubai. I have been influenced by the culture of Dubai and the Capitalism of Dubai is still instilled in me. I try to incorporate it into my work and have received immense helpful results. I have also worked as a team leader for a Marketing team. I like singing and dancing. I want to leverage my skills at Smith Group to help it grow more.


Sir, I am an expert in [UNMENTIONED SKILL 1], [UNMENTIONED SKILL 2] and [UNMENTIONED SKILL 3]. The motto of the organization inspires me as it promotes peace and progress. Its motto aligns well with my interests as I balso elieve in socialism. I want to work together with the Olivia Group to help everybody grow.

How Not to Answer: tell me about yourself.

Never include Personal information: Maintain professionalism even if the question pushes you to share insights beyond your résumé. Intimate or private data that is improper for the interview context should not be shared. Maintain your attention on the professional parts of the job.


Don’t mention Failures: Avoid talking about bad experiences or failures. The goal is to promote your talents and positive characteristics. Instead, select something that highlights your achievements, growth, or distinctive attributes.


Don’t be too tacky: Keep your reaction brief and to the point. Avoid presenting unnecessary detail, which may cause the interviewer to lose interest. Prepare ahead of time to ensure you offer a concise and well-structured response within a fair timeframe.


Never lie: Be honest about everything and never lie as it might lead you to be thrown out of the company.


If you keep these guidelines in mind, you can deliver an organized and relevant response that showcases your talents and impacts positively your entire interview performance. Asking this question is all about checking your communication skills. So don’t hesitate in front of the interviewer. Just gather your thoughts and answer fluently.


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